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Construction Law: An Overview

While construction cases are typically civil matters, recently, the state of Tennessee has been turning the matters into criminal charges in an effort to remedy the issues in an alternate manner.
An attorney who has the knowledge and experience in this field can deliver advantages over an ambitious district attorney who lacks the evidence to pursue criminal charges.

How I Can Help

When it comes to construction cases, experience and talent can mean the difference between a favorable outcome for you and one that has lasting effects on your reputation. Mark Scruggs Trial Attorney is here to help you navigate the complex legal system.

Understanding all of the elements of a construction case requires an exhaustive investigation of the evidence and a familiarity with the project, building procedures and contract laws in this field. I have represented clients in these types of cases for 38 years. I know how to put the case on the right track. I have dealt with the complexities of construction cases in both criminal and civil venues.

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