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Rights you can lose after a felony conviction

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2021 | Federal criminal charges

Felony convictions on criminal charges can have a great impact on the defendant’s life beyond incarceration and fines. The subsequent criminal record can become a restriction on other aspects of life in Tennessee as well. This is a problem that many people do not consider when facing charges for felony activity, and the overall result serves as even more incentive to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent the case. Here are a few of the rights that can be forfeited by force after being convicted of a felony.

Voting restrictions

The first lost right for convicted felons is the authorization to vote. While this is a matter under consideration for change in Congress, voting rights are still restricted unless allowed by the Tennessee state government.

Travel restrictions

Another potential problem for many convicted felons is the ability to travel internationally or even across state lines in some cases when probation or parole does not authorize travel. All convicted felons who do not serve out their time will be placed on parole for at least a short term, and travel is a major issue during that period.

Gun ownership rights

Another significant right that convicted felons lose is the right to own a gun or keep ammunition for potential use. Not only is the right taken, but additional charges can be filed for this criminal law violation. Serious penalties for a conviction are common in Tennessee.

Potential lost parental rights

While this is a situation where dependent children have rights as well, the authorization to visit with children can be greatly altered by the court. This possibility alone is an important issue for many parents facing criminal charges because the court always steps in as the child’s advocate.

These are just a few of the lost rights that convicted felons face after their case is finalized. Tennessee residents who are accused of violating criminal law codes should understand their options for mounting a defense so that they do not lose these rights.