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The Most Important Decision You Will Make. Meet Mark Scruggs.

I have said it before, and I will say it again here: In the end, it is experience and hard work that wins cases. I am Nashville attorney Mark Scruggs. Since 1982, I have represented people who have been falsely accused and those facing serious charges and prison time. I know when to get to the bottom of the issue, when to tell your side of the story and when to fight.

Not all attorneys are skilled in the courtroom. I am a certified criminal defense specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, first earning my certification in 2008. To become board-certified, attorneys must meet strict standards, and only a handful of attorneys are certified in criminal trial law in Tennessee. To read more about me and my legal background, click on the link:

Mark Scruggs

Call 615-625-0705 to speak to me about what you’re facing. I’ll let you know what your options are and how I can help in a free consultation.

A Skilled Attorney For State And Federal Cases

I have a proven record of skilled criminal defense that spans over nearly four decades. I help people tell their side of the story so that we see the whole picture, and not just the depiction of a conviction-zealous prosecutor. If I take your case, then I fight for you. And I fight to win.

In criminal defense cases, I thoroughly explore and evaluate all aspects of the situation that led to the accusations. This will inevitably lead to the theory I will use in defending those accusations since that is where the truth will be. Unlike law enforcement agencies, I will look at all possibilities to explain why a young “victim” is fabricating claims that will put an innocent person in prison for a lifetime. 

Experience In Civil Cases

I am a passionate advocate for justice. In addition to criminal defense, I am able to assist with legal cases such as car crashes and other injuries, contract law and construction issues, or in situations where people have been defrauded by banks or other institutions. I also take on other types of civil cases. With so much on the line, it’s important to get experience on your side.

Trust Your Future To A Proven Professional

If you are facing serious charges and prison time, you want the experience of a proven professional. Don’t put your future in the hands of an inexperienced rookie. Get an honest assessment of your case and its potential. Call 615-625-0705 for a free consultation. If your matter is not urgent, you can also reach me at the firm by sending an email about you and your situation.