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When rowdiness on campus leads to criminal charges

College life in Tennessee (or anywhere, for that matter) can be rewarding, adventurous and lots of fun. As you're likely aware if you've been in college for a year or more, it can also be quite academically, emotionally and socially challenging at times. The party scene is a typical part of college life. When you choose to participate, you may encounter various types of situations that require decisions on your part.  

Has someone else's firearm left you facing weapons charges?

Facing serious criminal charges can have tremendous impacts on anyone's life. You may have found yourself in such a predicament before, and after dealing with the consequences that came along with the outcomes of your case, you may have intended to avoid such situations in the future. Of course, no one can predict the future, and you may have found yourself in another predicament in which you have been accused of a crime.

What makes an assault aggravated?

Anytime the word "aggravated" is added to a criminal charge, it is because police have determined that the crime has elements that raise its level of seriousness. If authorities have charged you with aggravated assault, they must have felt the circumstances qualified you for the higher felony charge rather than a simple assault charge.

When police believe an accident is more than just an accident

Thousands of fatal accidents happen each year across the country, including many in Tennessee. Many of them are simply tragic accidents, but some are more than that. Upon conducting an investigation into a fatal crash, law enforcement officials may discover that certain factors make the accident a crime.

The problem with eyewitness testimony in homicide cases

Have you ever seen a person from across the room and thought it was someone you knew only to find out that it was someone else? That moment may simply cause you a bit of embarrassment, but that's it. You may have even had a good laugh with the person you mistook for someone else.

Evidence and your criminal trial

Investigators may have told you that the evidence against you is overwhelming. They may have fingerprints, shoe prints, bloodstains or DNA that supposedly links you to the crime. They may tell you these things -- even show you a weapon or a lab report -- to convince you to confess or reveal more information about the alleged crime.

Facing heroin-related charge? A strong criminal defense may help

Concerns have been raised about whether the drug laws in Tennessee, including those governing heroin-related crimes, are too strict. However, the laws are still on the books, and the reality is that if you face a drug crime accusation in the state, you can expect stiff penalties if a conviction happens in your case.

Tennessee expands good-faith exceptions to search warrants

When police arrived at your home with a search warrant, you may have had little time or attention to look it over carefully. Even if you did read the warrant, would you have understood the legal jargon or known if the warrant was valid? Chances are you skimmed the document looking for details about what the officers expected to find.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree: Drug abuse and heredity

What makes you choose a particular path in life while someone else who grew up and works in the same Tennessee area as you chooses another? It would likely take a long time to explore possible answers to that question. However, studies show that heredity often has a lot to do with personality, propensity toward certain diseases, and even the likelihood of certain types of behavior. If your family seems to have a few members who struggle with drug addiction, you may want to beware the risks.


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