A Proven Record Of Success In Defending Against Sex Crimes

A sex offense conviction can lead to a life sentence in more ways than one. Even if a conviction does not result in life behind bars, the restrictions placed on convicted sex offenders, including registration as a sex offender, can make finding a job or a decent home next to impossible. It can lead to a stigma that lasts a lifetime.

Rely On Us To Combat Sex Crime Charges

You can trust the Nashville law firm of Mark Scruggs, Trial Attorney, to protect your rights during this extraordinarily difficult time. Mr. Scruggs has had significant success in defending against sex crimes, particularly against false accusations of child sexual abuse.

The practical knowledge he has gained over his noted career is put to the full benefit of every client. For example, he has previously argued successfully about the unreliability of child testimony. Children can become confused, manipulated or misinformed about what sexual abuse is and what occurred — leading to criminal charges against you.

Pragmatic Advice. Vigorous Defense.

When it comes to your defense, Mr. Scruggs will not make unrealistic promises. You are facing a difficult time, and your upcoming defense will be a frightening experience. What we can guarantee is that Mark Scruggs has the skill, practical experience, and history of success that allows him to aggressively defend your interests, thoroughly question any evidence against you and ensure your story gets told to prosecutors and a jury, when a trial is in your best interests.

Mark Scruggs, Trial Attorney, defends clients against charges of:

  • Sexual assault/rape
  • Sexual abuse of a minor
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Solicitation

Due to the emotional nature of sex crimes, the media, the public, and even colleagues and acquaintances may assume guilt. You must begin combating the charges and defending your good name immediately. Call us today for a free consultation.

You Need A Lawyer Who Knows How To Defend Sex Charges

Sex crime charges, more so than any other criminal matter, can lead to assumptions of guilt and a bias toward the defendant. Now is not the time to gamble. Trust the proven trial lawyer with a record of successful defense against sex crimes of all types. Call our Nashville, Tennessee, office at 615-988-4128 or reach us confidentially online. We represent clients throughout Davidson County and statewide.