When Facing Violent Crime Or Homicide Charges, You Need An Experienced Attorney

Prosecutors aggressively seek convictions for crimes involving violence, particularly murder and manslaughter charges. The state will bring significant resources to bear to obtain a guilty verdict. If convicted, the penalties are the most severe under state and federal law. A conviction for some violent crimes can result in the death penalty in Tennessee.

It is vital that people accused of a violent crime obtain the representation of a seasoned Nashville criminal defense attorney who understands how to take a case before a jury. The criminal justice system often seeks quick convictions, especially for violent crimes. Without the legal knowledge to defend yourself, you may have your rights violated.

Aggressive Defense Against Murder, Homicide And Manslaughter Charges

Mark Scruggs is a certified criminal defense specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. He can help you navigate the system and protect your constitutional rights throughout your case.

In practice for over 30 years, he has the knowledge and resources to take on both the state and federal government. He has built up a network of expert witnesses on whom he can rely to provide accurate and persuasive testimony in your defense, when appropriate.

Experienced Guidance And Protection

Mark Scruggs defends clients against all violent criminal charges, including murder. He is an experienced and respected trial lawyer who has obtained a successful outcome for many previous high-profile cases.

Because violent crimes are high-stakes matters for the state, such crimes tend to receive extra attention by prosecutors and the media. You should have a lawyer on your side with the ability and experience to level the playing field.

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